Are contact lenses a good choice for kids?

A common question many parents have about contact lenses and kids is: "When is my child old enough to wear contact lenses?"

Physically, your child’s eyes can tolerate contact lenses at a very young age. Some babies are fitted with contact lenses due to eye conditions present at birth. And in a recent study that involved fitting nearsighted children of ages 8-11 with one-day disposable contact lenses, 90% had no trouble applying or removing the contacts without assistance from their parents.

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Keep your eyes SAFE at home!

Almost half of all eye injuries occur in and around the the home!  Eye Injury Prevention Month is October, a project of The American Academy of Ophthalmology, and an opportunity for workers and their families to remind themselves of the importance of proper eye safety measures.

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Straining to see fine print?

Presbyopia, the natural stiffening of the crystalline lens of your eye, is a common eye condition in people over 40 that makes reading difficult. In the past, this condition meant bifocals. Now, you can chooses a no-line bifocal. No-line bifocals give you the look of regular glasses with the correction strength of traditional bifocals. So nobody will know you are wearing a bifocal. Call our office today for more information!

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